Valcor Engineering Corporation

Custom Systems and Solutions

Valcor specializes in creating a component or system that not only meets but exceeds our customer’s most complicated expectations. We have the creativity, legacy, and capability to turn dreams into robust, reliable products. We can design and manufacture a component or an entire system around that component. Using our experience in analyzing customer systems while developing a component, we often find that we can improve and enhance the performance of the customer’s system. We use a virtual digital design methodology known as Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), which enables our engineers to execute the design of complex electromechanical systems. MBSE is used to design and evaluate the performance of a new fluid control component or system before a single part is fabricated. Our turnkey systems provide our customers with substantial value in the manufacturing, testing, and installation of those systems. We’re with you every step of the way, from concept to production, and beyond. Whether it’s a system of fluid or motion control components, our aim is to enhance the utility and value of your products.

Valcor’s Modeling Capabilities For Custom System Design

  • SolidWorks CAD/CAE
  • Ansys CFD
  • Ansys CFX & Fluent
  • Digital Twin Modeling
  • Ansys EMag
  • Ansys FEA
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • Mathcad/Ansys Vibration Analysis
  • Ansys Thermal simulation

Below are articles showcasing some examples of our Custom Capabilities

Thrust in Space: The Nuances of Thruster Valve Design

This paper discusses the applications of thruster valves and an example of one we created for a new reusable space vehicle.

Keeping Fuel Tanks Safe From Destruction

This paper discusses the development and benefits of Air Separation Modules (ASM) used in On-Board Inert Gas Generating System (OBIGGS) on both military and commercial aircraft.

Ground Combat Vehicle Design Challenges

Learn more about our experience in designing fluid control components and systems for Ground Combat Vehicles.

A Delicate Balance: A Fuel Management System for Unmanned Vehicles

This article discusses our experience in creating a Fuel Management System in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Nuclear & Power

Two-Way Normally Open Solenoid Valve for Nuclear Service

This paper discusses the factors involved in making valves to the rigorous design and code requirements of the nuclear industry.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is used to design and evaluate the performance of new fluid control components before a single part is fabricated.