Valcor Engineering Corporation

Motion Control Failsafe Brakes


Rotating shaft brakes provide the ability to stop a rotating shaft on a space craft, launch vehicle, aircraft, land-based vehicle or commercial and industrial equipment. The FSB-series electrically off brake is designed to stop a rotating shaft in milliseconds after power interruption. The brake is held off electrically, a field coil creating the magnetic holding force. When power is shut off or interrupted, a spring set causes the brake to activate, stopping the shaft rotation. Failsafe brakes are often mounted on the end of a motor shaft but can be mounted on the end of any rotating shaft in the drive train.


Failsafe Spring Set Brake applications include:

  • Factory Automation
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Business Machines
  • Printing equipment including 3D printer, copiers, and printing presses
  • Packaging equipment
  • Conveyor Systems

Design Features and Benefits

  • Zero backlash armature
  • Hex or spline armature allow for shaft end play
  • Manual lever release available on some models
  • High Voltage AC models for fractional horsepower motors
  • Stationary field coil – no slip rings or brushes
  • Vibration-Proof epoxy resin encapsulated field coil
  • Fast Response Time, as fast as 4 mS on some models