Valcor Engineering Corporation

Motion Control Power-On Brakes


Rotating shaft brakes provide the ability to stop a rotating shaft on a space craft, launch vehicle, aircraft, land-based vehicle or commercial and industrial equipment. The Power On-series of electrically on brakes is coupled directly to the drive shaft, and is designed to stop the rotating shaft in milliseconds after power is applied to the brake. The brake is held on electrically, a field coil creating the magnetic holding force. When power is shut off or interrupted, a spring set causes the brake to deactivate, allowing for shaft rotation. Power-On brakes are often mounted on one end of a motor shaft but can be mounted on the end of any rotating shaft in the drive train. Valcor offers custom designed solutions for any electromagnetic brake application.


Power-On Brake applications include:

  • Factory Automation
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Business Machines
  • Printing equipment including 3D printers, copiers and printing presses
  • Packaging equipment
  • Conveyor Systems

Design Features and Benefits

  • Flange mounting
  • Coils are exoxy resin encapsulated (vibration and shock resistant)
  • Stationary field coil (no slip rings or brushes)
  • Fast response times
  • Zero backlash armatures available