Valcor Engineering Corporation

Missiles & Space

Since 1951, Valcor Engineering has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of customized fluid control components and systems for military and space applications. Our world-class staff of engineers, designers, and support technicians utilize our fully equipped facility designed for the creation, testing, and delivery of quality fluid control components and systems that meet the most precise and exacting standards and industry codes.

We offer best-in-class components and systems for on-board flight applications in spacecraft, satellites and rockets. Our products include solenoid valves and regulators for propellant, thruster and fuel control. We also supply the industry with a broad selection of components for ground support equipment such as launch systems, including propellant and pressurant fill and drain valves.

Market Applications

  • Isolation/Latch valves
  • Pressure relief control
  • Pressurization fill and drain
  • Propellant check valves
  • Propellant fill and drain
  • Propellant pressure regulation
  • Thruster valves
  • TVC accumulators

Solenoid Valves

Our 2 and 3-way solenoid valve designs are highly customizable for gas and liquid applications in. Many designs use Valcor’s proprietary floating seal design, which provides enumerable benefits over competitive valves. Typical applications include the control of fuel tank pressurization, hot gas engine bleed air, oxidizer tank pressurization, pressurant isolation, propellant isolation, and RCS thruster valves. Also available are 3-way actuator control valves for large propellant valves. End connections include MS, Tube, and Socket Weld. Many are also available in manifoldable (plug-in) configurations.


Our hydraulic accumulators employ novel design features that provide high pressure capability in a lightweight and compact configuration. They are typically used in launch vehicle hydraulic systems (emergency back-up power, fluid thermal expansion), and are available in piston type or maintenance-free welded bellows designs.


Custom manifolds are no challenge to us. We design complete systems around our components, integrating third-party components as needed. Our manifolds provide turn-key solutions to your fluid control system requirement! Typical applications for manifolds include systems used for propellant tank pressurization, propellant isolation, and pressure regulation/relief.

Pressure Regulators

Our family of piston-sensed pressure-reducing regulators are available in relieving and non-relieving configurations. For extremely low control pressure applications, bellows-sensed absolute pressure regulators are also offered. A wide range of available elastomer and lip seal soft goods ensure maximum compatibility with the process media.

Fill and Drain (Service) Valves

Custom-designed metal-seated fill and drain valves offer the right performance for demanding applications. A wide range of mounting styles, end connections, body and seal options are available. These valves are used in space and launch vehicle systems for propellant loading and venting, and pneumatic pressure vessel charging and venting.

Relief Valves

Designed to protect sensitive pneumatic and hydraulic systems from over pressurization, relief valves crack at the desired pressure, and reseat at a much lower, safer system pressure. Adjustable and preset pressures, with customizable crack to reseat pressure ranges are available, along with an extensive range of pressure and flow capacities.

Check Valves

Check valves prevent the backflow of process media in propellant and oxidizer systems. Our proprietary technology provides chatter free, stable performance under the most demanding system conditions.

Latch Valves

Latch valves offer bi-stable valve operation. The valve is pulsed open or closed, and utilizes a permanent magnet to hold the valve open or closed, saving precious power in solar-powered spacecraft applications. Titanium and CRES body material with operating pressures to 10,000 PSIG are available.

Quick Disconnects

Quick Disconnect couplings are designed for demanding aerospace applications where the ability to quickly disconnect and reconnect system control lines is critical. They are well-suited for the extreme vibration, temperature, and high pressure requirements found in the most severe launch vehicle and spacecraft operating conditions.

Modulating Control Valves

The MCV performs proportional flow in avionics cooling systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Thruster Valves

Valcor’s family of Thruster Valves valves are direct acting, coaxial, poppet solenoid shut-off valves that are well-suited for the extreme vibration, temperature, and cycle life requirements found in the most severe satellite and spacecraft operating conditions.