Motion Control

Power-On Clutches

Transmit torque to a parallel shaft when the coil is energized.

Power-On Clutch Couplings

Transmit torque to an in-line shaft when the coil is energized.

Power-On Brakes

Stops load when coil is energized.

Failsafe Brakes

Stops load via compression springs when coil is de-energized.

Permanent Magnet Failsafe

Stops load via permanent magnets when coil is de-energized.

Bi-Stable Brake

The Bi-Stable Brake is the simple solution to the complex problem of heat and power conservation.

Reversing Drives

Offers a unique way to control direction of rotary motion without reversal of motor rotation or changing angular speed.

Brake Modules

Pre-assembled rotary motion control packages that provide easy interface between a prime mover (motor) and its load.

Slip Clutches and Brakes

Designed for controlled slip applications.