Valcor Engineering Corporation

Motion Control

Power-On Clutches

Transmit torque to a parallel shaft when the coil is energized.

Power-On Clutch Couplings

Transmit torque to an in-line shaft when the coil is energized.

Power-On Brakes

Stops load when coil is energized.

Failsafe Brakes

Stops load via compression springs when coil is de-energized.

Permanent Magnet Failsafe

Stops load via permanent magnets when coil is de-energized.

Bi-Stable Brake

The Bi-Stable Brake is the simple solution to the complex problem of heat and power conservation.

Reversing Drives

Offers a unique way to control direction of rotary motion without reversal of motor rotation or changing angular speed.

Brake Modules

Pre-assembled rotary motion control packages that provide easy interface between a prime mover (motor) and its load.

Slip Clutches and Brakes

Designed for controlled slip applications.

Modulating Control Valves

The MCV performs proportional flow in avionics cooling systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.