Aerospace Pressure Regulators

Design Features and Benefits
Constructed from high strength, light weight materials
Plug-in designs or custom bodies
Constant outlet pressure over a wide range of supply pressures and flow rates
Temperature ranges of -40°F to +160°F
Available medias include: Air, GN2 and other non-corrosive gases
Flow rates up to 240 SCFM or more
Lengthy pedigree of successful missions


Valcor Pressure Regulators provide stable outlet pressure when supplied with a varying inlet pressure. Our regulators are all mechanical and are available as pressure reducers (without integral pressure relief) or pressure regulators (that contain an internal relief capability) that provide a tighter outlet pressure band.


Valcor pressure regulators have applications in propulsion pressurant control for reaction control systems (RCS) and Attitude Control Systems (ACS), where high vibration, large temperature extremes and corrosive fluids are present.