Miniature Valves and Regulators

Design Features and Benefits
Compact Design—Miniature footprint utilizes a height of less than 2” in a 3/4” diameter body
High Cycle Life—In Excess of 1 Billion Cycles. If you cycle the valve every second, it would take 32 years to reach 1 Billion cycles
Fast Response Time—Actuation time is between 10 to 15 milliseconds
Large Flow Rate—Valves flow rate up to 100 L/min. Regulator has multiple springs for precision pressure control


Valcor Scientific presents our family of miniature valves and regulators available in standard and special configurations. We now offer a manually adjustable regulator in a compact, robust and cost effective package. Our high-cycle valve products include a proportionally controlled solenoid valve along with a 2-way shut-off and 3-way full ported solenoid option.


These products are designed for a wide range of applications across many industries requiring a fast-response time, high-cycle life and high-flow rate in a compact design. Custom engineered solutions are simplified with a cartridge configuration and standard or custom mounting blocks.

Electronic Valves
Pressure Regulator
    2-Way Normally Closed/Normally Open


    Direct Acting

  • • 10/32” or Cartridge Mount

    • Vacuum to 100 PSI

    • 10 to 15 millisecond response time

    • 12 or 24 Volt DC

    • 100 L/Min @ 100 PSIG

    SV22 Data Sheet
    2-Way Proportionally Controlled


    Direct Acting

  • • Manifold, 10/32” Male Stud

    • Vacuum to 100 PSI

    • Max Hysteresis 10% of Full Power

    • 10 or 20 Volt DC

    SV28 Data Sheet


    Vented and Non-Relieving

  • • 1/8” NPT or Cartridge Mount

    • 300 PSIG Max Input

    • +/- 0.15 PSI

    • Sensitivity 0.1 PSI

    • Stability 0.1 PSI

    SV102 Data Sheet