Valcor Engineering Corporation

Military Land Vehicles


Drawing on Valcor’s vast experience with Aircraft, Missiles and Space applications, Valcor’s approach to valves and custom fluid control systems for Military Land Vehicles comes from a place of incredible strength. With 70 years of experience in aerospace and defense applications, we are well positioned to provide custom engineered solutions for landbased vehicles, too. Designing solenoid valves and custom fluid control systems for land-based vehicles introduces additional, but not insurmountable challenges. Extreme shake, vibration and concussion, exposure to extremely dusty, dirty and wet conditions require highly specialized and robust construction. We design, test, qualify and manufacture valves and systems to exacting customer specifications and compliance with Mil-Spec requirements.


Valcor can design solenoid valves, manifolds or complete sub-systems for fuel, hydraulic, lubrication and environmental control systems that must perform under the most adverse battle conditions without failure, for an exceptionally long time. Our Motion Control product group provides electromagnetic clutches, brakes and high speed reversing systems to control the rotary motion produced by hydraulic actuators, diesel and gas engines, as well as electric motors.