Valcor Engineering Corporation

Aircraft Manual/Lever Operated


Manually operated valves are used when solenoid valves are not required or desirable. Manual valves are used to operate or lock out on-board systems. Valve actuators include handles, levers, and push buttons. We can create custom actuation mechanisms to your specific requirements.


Manually operated valves are used in many aircraft applications including fire wall shutoff, parking brake, emergency brake, and emergency landing gear blow-down. Manual valves are also used as proportional devices to control the flow in a system. They also provide system isolation during aircraft maintenance. These valves are suitable for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. A wide range of operating pressures flow rates are available.

Design Features and Benefits

  • Extensive material (body and seal) options
  • 2-Way and 3-Way options
  • Numerous sizes and flow rates
  • WIDE VARIETY OF HANDLES AND LEVERS AVAILABLE INCLUDING: Rotary operators and Push/pull operators