Aircraft Pressure Regulators

Design Features and Benefits
Constructed from high strength, light weight materials
Plug-in designs or custom bodies
Constant outlet pressure over a wide range of supply pressures and flow rates
Temperature ranges of -40°F to +160°F
Available medias include: Air, GN2 and other non-corrosive gases
Flow rates up to 240 SCFM
Lengthy pedigree of successful missions


Valcor Pressure Regulators provide stable outlet pressure when supplied with a varying inlet pressure. Our regulators are all mechanical and are available as pressure reducers (without integral pressure relief) or pressure regulators (that contain an internal relief capability) that provide a tighter outlet pressure band. Valcor designs and manufactures bellows sealed regulators for “absolute” pressure control and traditional o-ring (and/or lip seal) style regulators.


Valcor pressure regulators are found in in aircraft cabin pressurization, canopy seal pressure control, potable water system, and waveguide pressurization.