Aircraft Accumulators

Design Features and Benefits
Lightweight composite material for high strength & low weight
Dual seals for positive gas-fluid separation
Self-displacing to achieve max pressure differential
Self-lubricating for extended life cycling
Leak tight construction
Accessories easily added (Thermometer, pressure gauge, piston position indicator, pressure switches etc.)
Maintenance free bellows type aircraft accumulators


Our positive displacement hydraulic aircraft accumulators are self contained sources of hydraulic power storing inert gas and hydraulic oil under pressure (nominally 3000 PSI). The expansion of the pressurized gas serves to expel the oil from the unit upon demand. The aircraft accumulator may also contain its own reservoir to receive low pressure oil from the system (self displacing) after being expelled from the high pressure side.


These units are used in: Aircraft engine start systems to provide the high pressure oil supply required to drive hydraulic motors of the auxiliary power unit (APUs). Primary applications are on aircraft, including helicopters, where minimum weight is of paramount importance.

  • Hydraulic system backup power
  • Hydraulic system fluid expansion
  • Landing gear system
  • Braking system

Why choose Valcor?

Valcor Engineering Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Aircraft Accumulators for Aircrafts, Helicopters, and Ground Vehicles for over 20 years. Valcor has demonstrated technical excellence by fully qualifying the first Maintenance Free Accumulators (MFAs) in the world for aircraft applications. Our MFAs are used on the latest version of the US Navy F/A-18 E & F. Contact the Valcor Aircraft department for more information or to speak with a technical representative about aircraft accumulators.

  • Experience engineering and manufacturing piston type accumulators since the 1960s
  • MFA bellows since the 1990s
Custom Application Example


Composite Bottle

• Resistant to multiple harsh conditions

• Shatter resistant per MIL-T-25363

• Compatible with a variety of media

• Contact Valcor for further configurations

All Systems are Custom Designed to Customer Specifications