Valcor Engineering Corporation

Motion Control Power-On Clutches


Power-On Clutches transmit the rotary motion from a motor to a parallel shaft when energized using pulleys, sheaves, sprockets or gears to transmit the rotary force. Clutches are typically energized by a manual switch closure, relay operated by a process controller, or other automated process management or control system. Valcor’s line of shaft-mounted power-on clutches offer a variety of torque ratings and consists of five product groups featuring different mounting arrangements. Valcor offers custom designed solutions for any electromagnetic clutch application.


Power-On Clutch applications include:

  • Factory Automation
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Business Machines
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Printing Equipment including: 3D printers, copiers and printing presses

Design Features and Benefits

  • Zero backlash armature with spring release
  • Precision sleeve or ball bearings
  • Stationary field coil – no slip rings or brushes
  • Vibration-Proof epoxy resin encapsulated field coil
  • Fast Response Time