Aircraft Manifolds

Design Features and Benefits
Floating seal valves for long life
Poppet style valves designed for high vibration environments that offer tight leakage
Extensive material (body and seal) options

Optional additional devices including

Position indication (mechanical switches, magnetic, etc), manual overrides, pressure transducers, temperature sensors, filters, relief valves and check valves


Manifolds provide an optimal solution for system fluid control requirements. Functionality of these integrated assemblies include fluid control, system monitoring and feedback, along with weight and power optimization. Many times a manifold solution allows for overall system component reduction or the ability to fit into a challenging envelope. Let Valcor design, qualify, and supply an integrated solution to reduce your system costs and maintenance.


Valcor manifolds are used in numerous aircraft systems and utilize all of our fluid control technology. Assemblies can integrate control valves, relief valves, check valves, regulators, temperature and pressure sensors, and pumps. Manifold applications include fuel control, hydraulic fluid control, inert gas flow, coolant monitoring, APU management, and pressure regulation.