Valcor Engineering Corporation

Aircraft Manifolds


When the need to minimize the footprint and weight of a fluid control system is critical to system design, the use of a custom manifold assembly is often the solution. The design starts with a base manifold to incorporate our solenoid valves, pressure regulators and relief valves into a compact integrated system. Our components use plug-in or baseplate manifold mounting, which eliminates the bulky tubing and fittings otherwise used to connect these devices. Highly reliable elastomeric or PTFE seals ensure leak-tight pressure boundary seals that withstand extreme vibration and atmospheric temperatures. Integrating third-party components like pressure and temperature sensors, pressure switches, filters and gauging allows for a compact, turnkey assembly ready for installation in your process system.


Manifold assemblies are highly desirable in on-board aircraft systems for their compact size and light weight. Manifolds eliminate bulky tubing and fittings that are prone to vibration and leakage. By eliminating the need for the sourcing, assembly and test of individual components typically found in fluidic systems, manifolds are substantially cost-effective.

Design Features and Benefits

  • Floating seal valves for long life
  • Poppet style valves designed for high vibration environments that offer tight leakage
  • Extensive material (body and seal) options
  • OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL DEVICES INCLUDING: Position indication (mechanical switches, magnetic, etc), manual overrides, pressure transducers, temperature sensors, filters, relief valves and check valvesicon-double-angle-right