Valcor Engineering Corporation

Motion Control Bi-Stable Brakes


Rotating shaft brakes provide the ability to stop a rotating shaft in a space craft, vehicle or on industrial equipment. Valcor’s Pulse Operated Bi-Stable Brakes do not require power to maintain its on or off position. A 100 mS pulse switches the brake or off. This enables substantial power savings over conventional spring-operated brakes that require power to hold the brake on or off. The field coils do not generate heat, which is important when the BSB is located in an enclosed unventilated cabinet. Valcor offers custom designed solutions for any bi-stable brake application.


Bi-Stable Brake applications include:

  • Robotic equipment
  • Aircraft Actuation Systems
  • Electric material handling systems
  • On-Road and Off-Road vehicles
  • Packaging equipment
  • Conveyor Systems

Design Features and Benefits

  • Position feedback available
  • Zero backlash spring-release hubs available
  • No heat generation
  • Stationary field coil – no slip rings or brushes
  • 24, 28, and 90 VDC coils available.
  • Optional Fail-Safe position circuitry
  • Mil-spec and commercial versions available
  • Fully customizable for your application