Valcor Engineering Corporation

Aircraft Latch Valves


Latch valves are solenoid valves that offer bi-stable valve operation by utilizing a permanent magnet to maintain the valve poppet in both the open and closed position while under pressure. This eliminates the need for electrical power to hold the valve open or closed. Titanium and CRES body material with operating pressures to 10,000 PSIG are available, making them suitable for high pressure gases.


Latch valves are found in aircraft cabin pressurization systems, and other systems where the desire to maintain last position without the need for electrical power exists.

Design Features and Benefits

  • Allows for low weight and very low power requirements
  • Extensive material (body and seal) options
  • Magnetically latched solenoids
  • Dual coil and single coil options available
  • Position indication available
  • Numerous sizes and flow rates