Valcor Engineering Corporation

Aircraft Relief Valves


Designed to protect sensitive pneumatic and hydraulic systems from over pressurization, relief valves crack at the desired pressure, and reseat at a much lower, safer system pressure. Adjustable and preset pressures, with customizable crack to reseat pressure ranges are available, along with an extensive range of pressure and flow capacities. Optional outlet porting includes captured-vent or vent to atmosphere construction. Typical applications include protection of potable water pressurization systems, inert gases used for emergency landing gear blow down systems, and emergency braking systems.


Relief valves are used in aircraft cabin and potable water system pressurization systems, canopy seal pressure control, and emergency landing gear systems. Relief valves are often used downstream of pressure regulators to protect the system from a regulator malfunction.

Design Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable relief pressure
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic applications
  • Capable of high flows (10 gpm)
  • Capable of high pressures (~3,300 PSI)
  • Designed for lightweight, yet high strength applications (~0.25 lbs)
  • Highly experienced in various custom applications