Fill and Drain (Service) Valves

Design Features and Benefits
Extensive material (body and seal) options
Tight external leakage (1 x 10-6 sccs)
Tight internal leakage (1 x 10-6 sccs)
Triple redundant sealing
Flange mounting or tube ends available
High capacity and high pressure designs available


Valcor fill and drain valves are metal-to-metal seat valves that maintain extremely low internal & external leakages (1×10^-6 sccs GHe), yet are capable of very high operational cycles (over 100 open/close cycles). Our F&D valves are compatible with propellants (Hydrazine, NTO, MMH, etc.), ammonia, and pressurants (GHe and GN2). Options such as flange mounting, tube ends (for welding), color coded covers and bodies, and covers with lanyards are also available.


Valcor Fill and Drain valves have applications in propellant and pressurant systems as part of the Reaction Control Systems (RCS) and Attitude Control Systems (ACS), where high vibration, large temperature extremes and corrosive fluids are present.