Valcor Engineering Corporation

Nuclear & Power Division Pressure & Flow Regulators


Valcor’s lines of pressure and flow regulators are precise control devices that handle all liquid and gas applications where accurate flow or downstream pressure control is required. The pressure regulator maintains a constant downstream pressure or constant pressure differential in low or high pressure systems. The flow regulator provides flow of gases or liquids based on an input signal to the operator.


Pressure regulators can be used in Automatic Depressurization System in a BWR plant and the Fueling System in a PHWR plant. Flow regulators can be used to provide the desired cooling water in response to temperature control signal pressure variation using Freon or other control gas media in the component cooling water system of a PWR plant.

Design Features and Benefits

  • ASME Sec III, Class 1, 2 & 3
  • N stamped and meets IEEE 344 codes
  • Zero leakage to environment
  • Stress and seismic analysis available
  • Options for body materials and end connections