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Valcor Scientific’s SV690 Series Syringe Pump White Paper

By May 19, 2014 August 21st, 2021 No Comments

Published on: May 19, 2014

By: Valcor Scientific

Valcor Scientific SV690C3 and SV690C24 Syringe Pumps are versatile high precision fluid dispensing devices designed for both OEM replacement as well as stand-alone laboratory usage. The pumps feature long life valving as well as a proprietary high efficiency and maintenance free direct drive stepper motor driven design. The drive does not use belts that can stretch out and wear and has been tested to several million cycles.

SV690 Syringe Pump Features

  • High resolution options available up to 192,000 steps/full-stroke
  • High efficiency, maintenance free drive system
  • A seamless replacement for the XP, XCalibur, PSD/4 and PVM Pumps
  • Direct drive design (no belts)
  • Syringe sizes from 50 µL to 12.5 mL
  • Long life rotary shear valves – up to 24x longer verses competitive valves

Long life valves for the Valcor Scientific SV690C3 and SV690C24 Syringe Pumps are available with housings of either PCTFE or PEEK and plugs of either PTFE or UHMWPE. These valves have life expectancy of up to 24 times that of competing valves. The syringes are of Borosilicate glass with either PTFE or UHMWPE seals.

A wide variety of syringe sizes are available to fit the Valcor Scientific SV690C3 and SV690C24 Syringe Pumps. Syringe sizes available are from 50 µL to 12.5 mL

A variety of valve porting options are available, along with internal pathways allowing bypass and distribution options.

Typical usages would include sampling, pipetting, titration, dilutions, aliquoting, aspiration and dispensing in a wide range of settings. Analytical, clinical and diagnostic chemistry devices can benefit from the precision and automation capability presented by a Valcor Scientific SV690C3 and SV690C24 Syringe Pump. These are ideal units for the experienced IVD instrument manufacturer and automated instrument OEM manufacturers.

The Valcor Scientific SV690C3 and SV690C24 Syringe Pump is programmable through either RS232/RS485 or CAN protocols and can be programmed for standalone usage or as an OEM syringe pump module contained within an instrument.

Designed for seamless direct replacement of other industry standard pump modules, in both size and software. Resolution options allow for a range of from 3000 steps/stroke to 192,000 steps per stroke in hi resolution mode. This makes the pump SV690C24 ideal for low flow rate and low pulsation requirements.

The Valcor Scientific Syringe Pump has 2 auxiliary TTL level inputs and 3 TTL level outputs to further assist in automating processes.


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