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Valcor Engineering Provides Engineered Solutions

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Published on: October 23, 2014

By: Valcor Engineering

Valcor Engineering Provides Engineered Solutions

Many fluid control component manufacturers provide “off-the-shelf” products for their customers’ fluid control needs. Valcor realizes that this approach will not always provide the appropriate solution, especially in the challenging fields of Aerospace, Nuclear, Medical, and Scientific. In fact, many system suppliers and OEMs begin a project by treating a fluid control device as a commodity item. Sometimes this assumption has negative consequences as their system design matures, and often times this commodity evolves into a specialized item.

Valcor’s approach to providing solutions to our customers’ needs is customized and therefore, highly effective. We can adapt an existing technology or design a completely new solution. As our name, Valcor Engineering, implies we are able to work with customers to understand their specific requirements. This is true for not only the component item but also for the entire system. Our engineering groups are composed of experienced people in the fields that we service. These groups have the most cutting edge software and development tools available to provide timely and optimized designs.

Valcor’s engineering services also include performing development testing, qualification testing, and technical writing. These are important facets of most component development programs.

By using Valcor’s customizable approach customers are able to “get it right” the first time and provide a cost effective and quality product or system design.

Engineered solutions is our way of doing business.


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