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Since 1951, Valcor Engineering  has unceasingly continued to design and manufacture fluid control components, motion control components, and systems for some of the most demanding applications our customers have. When you work with Valcor Engineering, you tap into the power of a reliable, proven partner who supports your program from concept to production, and beyond! It all begins with our engineering and manufacturing team. Our world-class staff of engineers, designers, and support technicians utilize a fully-equipped facility designed for the creation, testing, and delivery of quality fluid control components, motion control components, and systems that meet the most precise and exacting standards.

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December 10, 2021

Cryogenic Launch Vehicle Valves

Launch vehicles, particularly the upper stages, often use cryogenic rocket propellants such as liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and liquid methane because of their high specific impulse and high storage density.…
News & EventsWhite Papers
October 20, 2021

Taking a ‘Look Inside’

Have you ever undergone an endoscopy or colonoscopy procedure? These procedures have saved countless lives, enabling healthcare professionals to identify, diagnose and treat conditions in the digestive tract that would…
News & EventsWhite Papers
September 20, 2021

Life Extension on Nuclear Solenoid Operated Valves

The Nuclear Power industry is extending the operating lifespan of its reactors. Originally, reactor lifespan was planned for 40 to 60 years and is now extended to 60 to 80…
News & EventsWhite Papers
August 19, 2021

Positioning the Internet for the Planet

On August 1st of this year, the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of MTV. MTV was a ground-breaking channel in its day, the first to play music videos and appeal…


"We Do The Hard Stuff"

Why Choose Valcor

We do the hard stuff, and we do it all in Springfield, NJ.  We have never turned down an application because it was too difficult. Our specialty is in creating a component or system that meets and exceeds our customer’s most complicated expectations. We have the creativity, legacy, and capability to turn dreams into robust, reliable products. We can design and manufacture a component, or an entire system around that component. Our turnkey systems provide our customers with substantial value in the manufacturing, testing, and installation of those systems. We’re with you every step of the way, from concept to production, and beyond.  Valcor’s FAA Repair Station provides routine maintenance, or total refurbishment of all Valcor fluid control products.  We can even repair products from other manufacturers. Valcor is the only partner you need to provide you with precision fluid controls, motion controls, and systems.

What We Do

We take your specifications and turn them into solutions that work for you.  Relying on a world-class, highly-creative engineering team that can use the best features from a large catalog of fluid and motion control products, or create something totally new, gets results that customers embrace.

Our experienced engineering team can develop applications ranging from commercial laundry soap dispensing control to the complex roll thruster system on a spacecraft.  No project is too big, or too small for us to develop. During the development of a new application, we dive deep into the customer’s system that will use the new component. It is not unusual for us to help our clients improve the design of their entire system. In many cases, we end up redesigning, and then building the system in production. This provides our customer with a fully tested turnkey solution ready for installation in the customer’s product. Our customers fully embrace this truly value-added benefit of partnering with Valcor Engineering!

Our FAA Repair Station provides Factory-Fresh repairs or refurbishment of your fluid control components to original specifications using only Valcor Engineering parts and procedures.  Your factory-serviced component or system will provide you with years of additional service!

Why Should You Care

Time is of the essence. Partnering with an industry leading, engineering-driven company who listens to your needs, then turns them into products that work ensures that you meet your project timelines without incurring timeline delays and costly redesigns. We get it right the first time!


Our Customers

Below is just a small sampling of the top-notch companies that we work with.