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Valcor’s High Flow, High Pressure V80000 Solenoid Valve

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Published on: July 24, 2014

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Valcor Series 80000 valves are designed for high flow, medium to high pressure systems. In their standard configuration, they are suitable for noncorrosive oil, fuel, water service and gases. In other configurations, with the incorporation of appropriate materials, they can also be adapted to corrosive service, and to high or low temperature applications.

As with other Valcor solenoid valves, the strength of the series 80000 lies in compact, lightweight construction. These shutoff valves feature a two-way shutoff operated by solenoid pilot valves. These pilot valves feature in-line main ports, and operate in the absence of pressure or vent ports. They can be set up in normally closed and normally open configurations.

In a standard configuration, the 80000 valve takes a 1/2”, 3/4” or 1” O.D. line, and operate within a temperature range of -65°F to +250°F. With the incorporation of special materials, that temperature range can be extended to -65°F to +450°F. In either configuration, the valve has a 50-3000 PSIG pressure range, with a 5800 PSIG proof pressure and 9000 PSIG burst pressure. Weight ranges from 0.8 pounds (with a 1/2” port) to 1.8 pounds with a 1″ port.
The standard construction of the Series 80000 is metal-to-metal with a sprint-loaded piston valve carrying an optically flat stainless steel poppet that seats against a lapped “drop tight” stainless steel seat. This configuration is typically used for fluid systems. The alternative, generally used for gas applications, is a soft seal design that employs a soft O-Ring seat for bubble tight sealing of high pressure gases.

Find out whether the Valcor Series 80000 valve is right for your application, or allow us to assist you in finding an alternative. Contact us today.

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