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Valcor’s 2-Way Direct Acting V70600 Solenoid Valve

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Published on: January 7, 2014

By: Aircraft

Valcor has designed its Series V70600 valves with non-corrosive fluids and gases in mind and have a feature called an override control. They have a two-way shutoff and the override is manual. This control provides extra flexibility while operating it. Series V70600 are direct-acting solenoid shutoff valves available in Normally Closed and Normally Open configurations, both of which take two possible O.D. lines: ¾” and 1”. When equipped with standard static seals, it has an operating temperature range of -65°F to 165°F, and an operating pressure range of 0-1000 maximum PSIG (3500 PSIG proof pressure, and 7000 PSIG burst pressure). It’s light on weight, coming in at approximately 2.7 pounds, but with its balanced poppet design, dynamic “O” ring seal, and Valcor’s exacting engineering, its performance ensures it’s anything but a lightweight.

V70600 Solenoid Valve Features & Benefits

Series 70600 valves contain only two moving parts. That makes each unit lightweight and compact, but the simple design is also key to the Series V70600’s long service life. The aforementioned Dynamic “O” ring seal design also provides high flow capacity, which allows pressure forces to be dynamically and statistically balanced. This simple, yet effective design keeps the entire process efficient.

Valcor has the V70600 solenoid valve available. Contact the Valcor Aircraft department for more information and specifications about this solenoid valve series. See more information about solenoid valves here.

V70600 Solenoid Valve Features

  • 2-way shutoff with manual override
  • 3/4″ and 1″ O.D. Line
  • Configurations: Normally closed, Normally open
  • Temperature: -65°F to +165°F (Ambient), -65°F to +165°F (Fluid)
  • Pressure range: 0-1000 PSIG
  • Proof pressure: 3500 PSIG
  • Burst pressure: 7000 PSIG Minimum
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs. (approx.)

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