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Valcor Scientific Pinch Valves

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Published on: Apr 17, 2014

By: Valcor Scientific

Valcor Scientific pinch valves provide optimum process cleanliness and sterility when that and uninterrupted flow and zero dead volume are of utmost concern. The straight through, unobstructed flow path provided by the tubing significantly reduces turbulence and shear effect of the fluid – and as a result allows for minimal pressure drop as well. The fluid stays in its original supply tube, and the tubing is highly tolerant to slurries and small particulates. Risk of cross contamination is kept at a minimum as the inside of the tubing itself is the only wetted material surface. As a result, Valcor’s pinch valves are an excellent choice where the fluid must be isolated from the valve parts. As such, the other parts of pinch valves do not need to be highly corrosion resistant – a very economical design compared to other alternatives. The tubing is soft yet durable and is easy to change which makes it ideal for frequent replacement. Valcor can also configure pinch valves to accommodate customer specified tubing such as PharMed® and Tygon®.

valcor scientific pinch valves

Typical Pinch Valve Applications

  • Blood collection
  • System waste lines
  • Drug dispensing
  • Food and beverage systems
  • Urinary collection systems
  • Dialysis equipment
  • Intravenous (IV) systems

The proprietary one-foot long piece of food grade, clear flexible silicone tubing provided with each pinch valve is ‘pinched off’ by means of a solenoid operated plunger to provide a tight seal. The energized solenoid retracts the plunger and either opens the tubing in the normally closed configuration or closes the tubing in the normally open configuration. The plunger is pushed back by the spring to its original position when the solenoid is de-energized, returning the tubing to its original open or closed position. The tubing is held in place by the plunger and mating grooves in the body.

Valcor pinch valves come in a number of different configurations; single tube and dual tube, and multi tube four tube and eight tube. Actuation modes include normally open, normally closed, and closed/open. The two tube can be oriented as a closed/open configuration which provides 3-way functionality using a Y fitting. Or, this same two tube can be configured with both tubes normally open or normally closed. The four tube units can be configured as four tubes normally open or four tubes normally closed, or as two tubes normally open and two tubes normally closed. The eight tube pinch valves are configured as four tubes normally open and four tubes normally closed – all simultaneously operated providing synchronous switching of up to eight fluid streams. Fast response times in the milliseconds provide precise, accurate control.

The miniature, compact design and quiet operation of the solenoid operated pinch valves make it an ideal choice for OEM equipment and instrument manufacturers. Customized engineered solutions are our forte in designing unique configurations to our customers’ precise specifications for pinch valves.

When you connect with Valcor Scientific, you tap into the power of a reliable, proven manufacturer of fluid control pinch valves and devices – geared to support you at every turn. With a library of more than 18,000 designs, our sales and engineering design teams have the expertise and are ready to guide you to the right products to solve practically every hard to handle application. This same team of highly trained experts can also modify existing technology to suit, or create an entirely new product from the ground up to meet your custom needs.

Contact Valcor’s Scientific Department for more information on our custom manufactured pinch valves.