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Valcor Debuts New Quick Disconnect Couplings

By September 25, 2019 August 16th, 2021 No Comments

Published on: September 26, 2019

By: Valcor Aerospace

Valcor Engineering Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of fluid control components and subsystems, clutches, brakes & OBIGGS systems, is proud to introduce a new product line capability: Quick Disconnect (QD) couplings.

Quick Disconnect couplings are designed for demanding aerospace applications, with high pressure, high vibration, and large temperature extremes.These couplings are lightweight, have a large flow capacity, and minimal liquid loss during the unmating process. Valcor’s QDs are custom designed for specific applications. Therefore, material selection and line sizes can vary.

Current QD designs are non-locking type, that require contact to maintain the couplings in the open position. Upon pulling the QD apart, each end closes and maintains the gas/liquid on each side of the fitting. They are capable of meeting low leakage requirements in high vibration environments. Current designs use tube stubs at the inlets and outlets for welding capabilities, with a 4-bolt flange. Valcor can also provide standard male AN fittings.

“The addition of Quick Disconnects complements Valcor’s already comprehensive portfolio of fluid controls, which includes solenoid, service, and pneumatically-actuated valves, as well as regulators, tanks, and accumulators,” stated Larry Wismer, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing. “We provide our customers a one-stop shop for complete propellant systems.”

About Valcor

Valcor Engineering Corporation (, founded in 1951, designs and manufactures solenoid valves and other fluid control components, as well as subsystems, clutches, brakes and OBIGGS systems in critical applications in the aerospace, nuclear, light industrial and scientific industries. Headquartered in Springfield, New Jersey, Valcor’s world-class staff of engineers, designers, and technical support personnel utilize fully equipped, modern test facilities to test the most precise and exacting standards.

With a library of more than 18,000 designs, Valcor’s design team can modify existing technology to suit practically every hard to handle application. Valcor specializes in custom applications and can create an entirely new product to meet your needs.