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Valcor Announces SV690 Series Syringe Pump

By February 14, 2014 August 21st, 2021 No Comments

Published on: Feb 14, 2014

By: Valcor Scientific

Valcor Scientific is proud to announce the much anticipated addition to our dispensing and metering pumps family: the new SV690C3 and SV690C24 series direct-drive, stepper motor driven syringe pumps. Designed with the automated instrument OEM in mind, the SV690C3 syringe pump module offers seamless replacement to the industry’s XP, XCalibur, PSD/4 and PVM pumps.

SV690 Competitive Advantages

  • A seamless replacement for the XP, XCalibur, PSD/4 and PVM Pumps
  • Proprietary high-efficiency and maintenance-free drive system
  • Direct-drive design (no belts to stretch or break)
  • Long-life rotary shear valves (up to 24 times the life of competing valves)
  • Syringe sizes from 50 μL to 12.5 mL

By utilizing standard communication protocols and mounting configurations used by other compact syringe pump designs, we’ve eliminated the need for expensive and time consuming re-development efforts. As such, the SV690 Series syringe pumps are ideal units for experienced IVD instrument manufacturers who are looking to maximize the investment they have already made in existing instrumentation.

The SV690 series are versatile, precision syringe pump modules that provide all typical aspiration and dispensing operations expected from an OEM syringe pump. With syringe sizes from 50 microliters to 12.5 milliliters, the direct drive stepper motor accurately and precisely dispenses a wide range of fluids. This proprietary, high-efficiency direct-drive design does not use belts that can stretch or wear out, and has been life-tested to several million cycles with no maintenance required throughout its life. Likewise, our proprietary long-life rotary shear valves offer life expectancy of up to 24 times that of competing valves. The syringe drive arm can be easily back driven, making syringe installation or replacement extremely quick and easy.

Whereas the SV690C3 offers resolutions of 3,000 to 24,000 steps (high res mode), the SV690C24 is a high-resolution version that achieves full syringe resolution to 192,000 micro-steps. As a result, the C24000 is perfect for low flow rate and low pulsation requirements.

When you connect with Valcor Scientific, you tap into the power of a reliable, proven manufacturer of fluid control valves and devices – geared to support you at every turn. With a library of more than 18,000 designs, our sales and engineering design teams have the expertise and are ready to guide you to the right products to solve practically every hard to handle application. This same team of highly trained experts can also modify existing technology to suit, or create an entirely new product from the ground up to meet your custom needs.

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