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CoolDrive® Valve Drivers

By February 25, 2014 August 21st, 2021 No Comments

By: Valcor Scientific

CoolDrive® Valve Drivers


The CoolDrive ® driver circuits by Valcor Scientific, complements Valcor
Scientific’s SV74, SV75 & SV76 Series of solenoid valves. The CoolDrive ® driver
circuit incorporates five drivers on one compact board measuring 6 inches long by
2.3 inches wide. The drive circuit allows for independent operation of five solenoid
valves using 5v logic level signals from your PC.

The CoolDrive ® driver circuit uses a holding voltage that is automatically
achieved within 150 ms of activating the solenoid. The holding voltage applied is
1/3 of the full rated voltage for the particular solenoid.

The CoolDrive ® driving / holding circuit will prolong valve life and reduce the
overall power consumption required to operate your valve network. By utilizing a
holding voltage, over-heating of the solenoid valve is eliminated, extending the
valve’s probable life while reducing the risk of transferring heat to process media,
in addition to reducing overall power consumption.

The CoolDrive ® driver was designed to provide a total valve package, emphasizing
reliability, compact size and cost-effectiveness.


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