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By: Valcor Scientific


The Cool DriveTM valve driver board has been developed to facilitate the holding voltage
required to maintain cool coil operation for Valcor Scientific’s SV74, SV75 & SV76 Series
of solenoid valves.

These boards have been designed as a building block for clients to use in their own
control systems and as such are not a stand-alone piece of electronic equipment.
The Cool Drive TM boards would normally be used in conjunction with interface boards,
switches, relays or direct-buffered inputs from the clients’ own instrumentation.

1. Power Requirements

The Cool Drive TM valve driver board requires +12 VDC or +24 VDC depending on the
valves to be used, plus +5 VDC and a common ground. (See the Cool Drive TM
specification sheet for full details)

2. Switching Information

The switching function is achieved by taking the input pins either high (+ 5 VDC) or low
(Grounded). When the pins are taken high, the valves are energized at the normal
voltage of the board and thereafter held at the reduced voltage (Normally 1/3 of the
nominal voltage). When the pins are held low, the valve is de-energized. The pins
should always be held low and not left open circuit.

3. Schematic For Switching



Be aware that most interface boards and devices will need to be programmed by the
clients for inclusion in their own equipment and it is therefore necessary that clients
intending to use drivers and interface boards have some basic knowledge of electronics
and programming languages.

CoolDrive® Technical Information


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