Pure and Clean.

From an extensive catalog of standard designs, we can create the best combination of options to give you exactly what you need to ensure long, trouble-free operation of your equipment. If that’s not good enough, we will create a brand new design to meet your exact specifications.

Design Applications

  • Endoscope Reprocessors
  • Floor Scrubber Cleaning Solution
  • Hydrogen Peroxide for Sterilization
  • Ethylene Oxide for Sterilization
  • Drinking Water Treatment Chemistry

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Here is just a sampling of our catalog of parts…


Dri-Solenoid® design isolates the media from all metal operating parts for an inert flowpath. Available in all-TFE or polypropylene/elastomer construction, these valves are suitable for the most aggresive chemistry, and can control particle-laden liquids without clogging or leaking.

For more information, view the SV51 Data Sheet


Economical two-way, normally-closed valve commonly used with ETO (Ethylene Oxide) gas in sterilizing systems. Also suitable for cryogenic applications, the valve elements are specifically designed for liquid CO2 (LCO2) and liquid nitrogen (LN2) applications. Robust design ensures long life.

For more information, view the SV95 Data Sheet


General purpose two-way normally closed solenoid valve with NSF-approved wetted construction for use in potable water applications. Also available in a normally-open construction (SV43).

For more information, view the SV33/43 Data Sheet


Precision stainless steel precision pump family dispenses liquid volumes from 3 µL to 1.5 µL per stroke. Frequently used for dispensing water or oil-based chemistry in precise, discrete dispenses. Also used for sampling systems.

For more information, view the SV500 Data Sheet


Precision inert dispensing pump can dispense many liquid sterilants, including hydrogen peroxide. Featuring a polypropylene body with Ethylene Propylene and Santoprene seals, the SV603 precision dispensing pump can dispense aggresive chemistry without fear of contamination or corrosion.

For more information, view the SV603 Data Sheet