V3400 2-Way Normally Closed – Fuel Control Solenoid Valve

v3400 fuel controls solenoid valve


This valve is specifically designed to meet the critical weight and volume limitations of aircraft fuel control systems where vibrations, temperature, and cycle life impose severe operating conditions. The V3400 does not require pressure to operate.


The valve has been successfully used on a wide variety of APUs.

  • 2-Way, Direct Acting, Shut-Off (NC) Valve
  • Plug-In Design
  • Wear Compensating Gate Type Seal Self Cleaning Seat Design
  • Operating Pressure: 600 psi
  • 1 Amp, 18 VDC (30 VDC Max) Operation
  • Light Weight: 0.38 Lbs Max
  • Low Internal Leakage: 0.55 cc/hr
  • Flow Rate: 200 PPH @ 10 PSIG of MIL-C-7024 Type II


  • Inert construction for use with wide range of fluids
  • Bubble-tight shut-off
  • High flow in compact design
  • Direct acting construction
  • Mountable in any position


  • Voltage: 18 to 32 VDC
  • Current: Approximately 0.8 amps at 24 VDC (Depends on application, cooling effect of fluid, etc.)
  • Electrical Connector: MS 3102A-10SL-4P is standard. Other types are available. Consult factory.

Category: Aircraft Solenoid Valves