SV673 Isolation Diaphragm Precision Dispensing Pump

SV673 Isolation Diaphragm Precision Dispensing Pump


The SV673 series dispensing pump is a pneumatically operated high purity piston driven pump that delivers a wide range of fluids with high precision. By combining the easily adjustable stroke of the pump with variable cycle rates, users have complete control of the volume and rate of dispense for specific applications. A flexible diaphragm isolates the liquid from any metallic parts. Wetted parts are Polypropylene, glass, EPDM with Santoprene, making this series suitable to handle a wide range of fluids.


The SV673 series is suitable for a variety of dispensing applications such as the following:

  • Adhesive or ink dispensing
  • Reagents for analyzers or clinical instruments
  • Acidic and basic solutions
  • Caustic fluids
  • Chemicals for pools & spas
  • Syrup & Flavoring for soda machines
  • Fragrance for personal products
  • Analyzer sampling


  • Ideal for use in hazardous environment where no electrical connection is permitted
  • Adjustability over a wide range of operating conditions
  • Volume output per stroke is adjusted by mechanically setting stroke
  • Flow rate per minute is adjusted by frequency of operation
  • Repeatability within 2%
  • Self priming: can start dry and capable of lifting 5’ of H2O.
  • Can handle fluid viscosity as high as 10,000 centistokes
  • Maintenance free and long life
  • Choice of elastomer: EPDM with Santoprene
  • Built-in mounting brackets


  • Tube Connection: 1/4 – 28 Thread, Min. inlet tube 1/8″ I.D.
  • Actuation Pressure: 30 to 60 PSI air
  • Output per Stroke: 100 to 1500 µl
  • Max. Stroke per Minute: 60 on H2O
  • Max. Dispense Rate: 90 ml/min
  • Max. Priming Height: 60″ of H2O
  • Repeatability: ±2%
  • Special Requirements: Consult Factory

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