SV74M Inline Manifold Construction (2-way Normally Closed)

SV74M Inline Manifold Construction


The SV74M series inline valve manifold configuration incorporates Valcor’s compact 2-way normally closed diaphragm isolation solenoid valves into a multi position inline manifold body. The bidirectional design of these valves allows the manifold to have a common pressure port flowing to multiple lines or pressures from multiple ports flowing to a common. Standard construction is equipped with PTFE body and isolation diaphragm.


  • Diaphragm isolation construction for high purity processes
  • Handles corrosive and aggressive fluids
  • Compact low dead volume design
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Low power consumption solenoid
  • Direct acting construction


The SV74 series gradient valve manifold is suitable for a broad range of applications, including:

  • Ink jet printers
  • Chromatography
  • Clinical or chemical analyzers
  • Chemical mixing/dispensing
  • Laboratory equipment

Category: Instrument Class Solenoid Valves

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