SV11 & SV12 Direct Acting Solenoid Valve


The SV11 and SV12 series are direct acting, 2-way normally closed and normally open solenoid valves. The straight-thru flow path allows for high flow of non corrosive fluids and gases with no minimum pressure required for operation. 1 PSI minimum pressure differential is needed in the direction of flow for bubble tight sealing.


The SV11, SV12 series are suitable for a broad range of light industrial applications. Typical applications include:

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Water analysis
  • Wafer cleaning for semiconductor industries
  • Waste/drain valve


  • Direct acting, floating seal design provides tight sealing
  • Straight-thru flow path permits high flow
  • Rugged SS and brass body handles variety of fluids
  • Wide range of seals for specialty fluids
  • High pressure rating up to 1000 PSI
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