SV100 High Purity PTFE Pressure Regulator

This product is only available in OEM quantities; please call us for more information


The SV100 is a Dri-Control liquid pressure regulator offering fast response to pressure fluctuations. The virgin PTFE wetted components provide the greatest degree of inertness, and allows a high temperature capability. The regulator is panel mountable through a round knock-out hole, and is retained with a hex locknut (supplied). Its small physical size and weight allows for fast response to pressure fluctuations and is ideal for D.I. water applications.


Model SV100 suitable for a broad range of industrial applications, both new and retrofit. Typical applications employing model SV100 include:

  • Pressure control of ink and toner in printing
  • Pressure maintenance in medical pure water systems
  • Pressure control for high purity process contol in such industries as food, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, etc.


  • Adjustable regulated outlet pressure from 15-60 PSIG
  • All PTFE wetted materials
  • Small physical size
  • Fast response to pressure fluctuations
  • Ideal for D.I. water applications
  • Suitable for liquids to 250°F

Category: Diaphragm Isolated and PTFE Solenoid Valves