Scientific & Industrial Products Guide

Solenoid Operated Dispensing Pumps
Stainless Steel Construction
Solenoid Operated – SV515
Solenoid Operated – SV525
Solenoid Operated – SV560
Solenoid Operated – SV500
Diaphragm Isolated
Solenoid Operated – SV603
Pneumatically Operated – SV673
Syringe Pump
Stepper Motor Operated – SV690
Technical Information
Operation Principles – SV500
Operation Principles – SV600
SV515/525 Output Curves
SV500, SV550, SV560 Output Curves
SV690 Series Dispensing Pump Operator’s Manual
SV690 Series 90 Degree 4-Port Valve Interfaces
SV690 Series 120 Degree 3-Port Valve Interfaces
SV690 Series Rotary Valves Competitive Study
Instrument Class Solenoid Valves
2-Way Threaded Ports
Direct Acting – SV74
Direct Acting – SV76
3-Way Threaded Ports
Direct Acting – SV75
2-Way Surface Mount
Direct Acting – SV74SM
Direct Acting – SV76SM
3-Way Surface Mount
Direct Acting – SV75SM
Inline Manifolds
Direct Acting – SV74M
Gradient Manifolds
Direct Acting – SV7GM(2)
Direct Acting – SV7GM(3)
Direct Acting – SV7GM(4)
Direct Acting – SV7GM(6)
Barb Fittings
Fitting Sets
Cool Drive
Cool Drive ONE
Technical Information
Power and Temperature
Mounting Screws + Threads
Fitting Sealing Integrity
Cool Drive Switching
2P + 3P Fittings
Temp and Duty Cycles
Flow Curves
Diaphragm Isolated PTFE Solenoid Valves
2-Way Valves
Direct Acting – SV51
Direct Acting – SV52
Miniature Valves and Regulators
Electronic Valves
Direct Acting – SV22
Direct Acting – SV28
Pressure Regulator
Vented and Non-Relieving – SV102