V70900-39 Air Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve

Air Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve 70900-39


This ruggedly built three way valve is designed to meet all the requirements for in containment vessel service as an air system pilot valve for other safety related valves. It is qualified to the latest IEEE 323 requirements for active valves. A NEMA 4 Type solenoid enclosure ensures that the coil assembly will withstand the steam, pressure, boric acid/ sodium hydroxide spray, temperature and radiation requirements of a LOCA situation. The valve element is a simple direct acting poppet type which does not require a minimum differential pressure. It will seal bubble tight at operating pressures to 150 PSIG. The seats are positively retained to insure reliable sealing under all operation conditions. There are no dynamic seal leakage points to the environments.


  • Valcor’s “through the wall” magnetic principal of operation eliminates potential leak points such as stem packing, bellows and diaphragms
  • Direct acting – No minimum ?P required
  • Available in Normally Closed, Normally Closed, or Diverter configuration.
  • Qualified for INSIDE CONTAINM ENT service
  • Qualified for IEEE 323 and 344 for active valves
  • Radiation resistance: Standard 2 x 10^8 RADS
  • Body Material: Standard: Bronze
  • Electrical Connection: Internal Terminal Block Qualified Connector (ECSA/QDC) available
  • All Electrical components fully enclosed. Meet minimum NEMA 4 or better


Applications which require unique solutions are our specialty. Valcor specializes in custom configurations from non-standard operating and design pressures to specific Cv requirements to increase valve and system performance characteristics.

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