V522-7050 2-way Bellows Sealed Plug Valve (Normally Closed or Normally Open)

V522-7050 2-way Bellows Sealed Plug Valve


Valcor’s V522-7050 series pneumatically operated bellows sealed plug valves have wide operating fluid temperature range of -320° to 1200° F (-196° to +649° C). This series offers fail safe operation for either normally open or normally closed position in automated instrument and process systems. Operating pressure range is 0-2000 psig. The bellows sealed construction assures zero external leakage of process fluids.


  • Positive plug return on all valves prevents plug sticking in severe service
  • No torque transmitted to bellows
  • Hex guide mates with hex broach in bonnet
  • Secondary o-ring seal in upper bonnet prevents leakage if bellows is damaged
  • Non-rising stem prevents galling or seizing of stem threads
  • Heavy-duty welded bellows provides long cycle life and assures leak tight service. Long size bellows insures full lift and utilization of full orifice area.
  • All-welded design for hightemperature and high-pressure service
  • Plugs and bellows are replaceable
  • Various end connection choices including tube fittings, female NPT, or tube socket weld connections


Typical applications using this valve type includes high temperature systems, critical gas analysis, corrosive fluids and vacuum systems. Pneumatically operated vales are used in areas that are inaccessible and manual operation is not possible, and hazardous fluid handling where remote control is mandatory.

Category: Instrument Isolation Valves