2-way Packed Stem Needle Valve Manifold


Valcor’s V522-7021 series bellows sealed plug valve manifolds incorporate the design concepts of the single valve, series V522-7010, into a multi valve manifold body construction.


  • Integral stem backseat
  • Union bonnet design
  • Grafoil packing ring located below stem threads extends service to 700° F (370° C)
  • 17-4PH stainless steel hardened stem with dry film lubricant on threads and hardened thread gland for increased thread life
  • Non-rotating hardened stem tip prevents galling
  • All valves are tested for bubbletight leakage at both seat and packing
  • Various end connection choices including tube fittings, female NPT, or tube socket weld connections


This valve series is typically used with differential pressure and multivariable transmitters. In a 3-valve manifold design, two block valves provide instrument isolation, and one equalize valve is positioned between the high and low transmitter process connections. Additionally, a Block and Bleed 2-valve manifold design is used with inline gage and absolute pressure transmitters. A single block valve provides instrument isolation and a plug valve provides drain/vent capabilities.

Category: Valcor Nuclear