Air Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve – V13300-26

Air Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve - V13300-26


Valcor Nuclear has created this compact size and low weight 4-way, direct acting, nuclear qualified, solenoid valve to be used as pilot operator on double acting air cylinders in nuclear power plants. It has been designed specifically to prevent the chronic operational problems associated with conventional solenoid valves currently installed CANDU plants. The single coil, cool running design is both highly reliable and adaptable. The rugged solenoid is seal welded and is of stainless steel construction. The solenoid does not use any O-rings for environmental sealing. The valve has a rugged brass body. The disc and bonnet are of stainless steel. Model V13300-26 utilizes Valcor’s unique “Floating Seal” principle that provides a wear compensating graphite seal, which contacts lapped stainless steel seats.


  • Compact size, low weight and rugged construction are special characteristics; can replace outdated valves in most cases
  • Direct acting, ‘floating seal’ gatetype design for internal flow path sealing
  • Available in brass body as standard; also can be provided in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Solenoid enclosure is all stainless steel, seal welded construction for NEMA-4,-7 compliance (Water tight and explosion proof)
  • Coil requires less than 10 watts of power; cool running/potted coil design with Class H insulation
  • Virtually maintenance-free – coil replacement in the field can be made without disturbing in-line piping.
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Available with ECSA QDC (Quick Disconnect Connector)
  • CSA certified. The design is registered with MCCR, Province of Ontario, Canada


Valcor Model V13300-26, a 2-position, single coil valve is ideal for use in a host of safety related applications including PWR and BWR plants, where the principle function is to control small double acting pneumatic cylinders, including blow down applications.

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