V70900-87 Air Pilot Solenoid Valve


Valcor Nuclear, a division of Valcor Engineering Corporation, has created this 3-way, direct acting, nuclear-qualified solenoid operated valve to be used as an air pilot control valve primarily for main steam isolation valve (MSIV) applications in boiling water reactor plants. It has been designed specifically to prevent the chronic operational problems, associated with conventional solenoid-operated valves. Valcor Model 70900-87 is ideal for use in host of safety related, moderate flow solenoid valve applications. Valcor’s single coil design is both highly reliable and adaptable, offering significant improvements for a variety of applications. The versatility of Valcor’s V70900-87 valve allows for a variety of configurations, including normally closed, normally open, selector and diverter modes with AC or DC voltages.


  • Direct-acting, with no dynamic O-ring seals (O-rings are used for static seal only). Internal flow path sealing is accomplished with stainless steel poppets on Vespel polyimide seats.
  • Over-the-seat flow pattern, allowing the valve to close off the air supply pressure in the event of spring failure or power loss.
  • Special cooler-running coil requires less than 10 watts of power, keeping operating temperatures at a minimum.
  • Almost maintenance-free design, capable of on-site maintenance when required.
  • Installs vertically upright or horizontally sideways, with mounting holes provided in the valve body.
  • Available with a complete documentation package to comply with environmental and seismic qualification requirements.
  • Each unit is 100% acceptance tested to verify the specified operational/design characteristics.


The principle function is pressurizing and venting pneumatic actuators under extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Category: Nuclear Air Pilot Solenoid Valves