2-Way Direct Lift Pilot Assist Process Solenoid Valve 526P


Absolute zero leakage to the environment. Valcor’s “through the wall” magnetic principle of operation eliminates all potential leak points such as packings, bellows and diaphragms. Extreme reliability is inherent due to rugged design, simplicity of operation, and a minimum number of moving parts. Isolation standoffs prevent excessive heat transfer to the solenoid operator. Internal parts are contoured to retard buildup of contamination and sludge. Compact, lightweight design provides excellent resistance to seismic vibration and shock. This design uses a pilot poppet to create a pressure unbalance which assists the operation of the main poppet, thereby combining the best features of the direct lift and pilot designs.


  • Valve ratings: ANSI class 150 to 2500.
  • High Cycle life. Over 100,000 operations in most applications.
  • Resistant to contamination and sludge buildup.
  • ASME Section III, Classes 1, 2 and 3.
  • Available Fail Safe Closed, Fail Safe Open or Fail in Last Position.
  • Stellite or elastomer seats.
  • Position indication switches available for remote status indication.
  • Solenoid and switch assemblies readily accessible for removal or maintenance without disturbing the pressure boundary.
  • Radiation resistance: Standard: 2×10^8 rads.
  • Stress and seismic analysis available. Qualified to IEEE 323, 344, 382.
  • Qualified Life: Up to 60 years + LOCA.


This valve is engineered for all liquid or gas applications in the Nuclear industry. Typical applications are feed water control systems, dump lines, make-up water, pilot control for large control valves, head vent systems, and monitoring/sampling systems.

Category: Nuclear Process Solenoid Valves