2-way Gate Type Shutoff Valve 44700


Valcor’s V447 series are direct acting, gate type 2-way shutoff valves. The floating seal design allows for bi-directional flow capabilities, true in-line flow and a self cleaning wiping action when operated. These compact, non-code valves are capable of handling high temperatures and high pressures with Cv up to 1.0.


  • Compact, non-code design.
  • In-line Flow Path
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Meet ANS B31.1 requirements
  • Body material stainless steel.
  • Zero external leakage to the environment.
  • High cycle life; over 100,000 operations in most applications.
  • Bi-directional flow available.
  • Graphite (carbon) seals.
  • Electrival components are totally enclosed, and meet minimum of NEMA 4 or better.
  • Stress and seismic analysis available.
  • Electrical connector/mating plug and mounting bracket available.
  • Radiation resistance: Standard: 1×10^8 rads.


This valve is engineered for all liquid or gas applications in the Nuclear industry. Typical applications are feed water control systems, dump lines, make-up water, head vent systems, chemical injection systems, and monitoring/sampling systems.

Category: Nuclear Process Solenoid Valves