V68000 Shut-Off Solenoid Valve


The series 68000 are direct-acting, pressure balanced, solenoid valves with coaxial design. They are designed for high pressure use and high flow service. Relative compactness is achieved using the solenoid plunger to carry the valve poppet seal. These valves have a coaxial flow configuration which permits an envelope that is symmetrical and compact. The advantages of this design include freedom from indexing, offset plumbing, angles and difficult clearance allowance. Precise alignment of the simple structure with the support and seal subassembly provide close concentricity control. This assures good sealing without the wear that can occur with the repeated impact of millennium cycling.


  • 2-way Shutoff
  • 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” O.D. Line
  • Optional material of construction
  • Configuration: Normally Closed, Normally Open
  • Temperature: -65°F to +165°F (Standard Construction), -65°F to +450°F (Special Construction)
  • Pressure range: 0-3000 PSIG Maximum
  • Proof pressure: 4500 PSIG
  • Burst pressure: 7500 PSIG Minimum
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs (approx.) with 1/4’ port, 1.6 lbs (approx.) with 3/8” port, 2.3 lbs. (approx.) with 1/2” port


The excellent basic design of series 68000 valves make them ideal for non-corrosive fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic applications. With slight modifications, the series can be used for corrosive media. The design provides high reliability in contaminated systems.

Category: Aerospace Solenoid Valves