V20000 Shut-Off Solenoid Valve


The series 20000 are direct acting, solenoid shut-off valves with Venturi flow paths. They are available with single or dual-stage coils. Series 20000 valves are designed to be compact and lightweight and have a minimum of moving parts. There are no dynamic “O” rings on the single coil design and only one on the dual- coil design. This series employs Valcor’s “Floating Seal” Principle, which results in tight seating by means of an optically flat floating seal disc on an equally flat seat. The gate-type wiping action of the seal disc cleans the seat, making the valve virtually contaminant proof.


  • 2-way Shutoff
  • Gate-type Design
  • Floating Seal
  • 1” O-.D. Line
  • Configurations: Normally Open, Normally Closed
  • Temperature: -65°F to +450°F (Standard Construction), -425°F to +165°F (Modifications)
  • Pressure range: 0-400 PSIG Maximum
  • Burst pressure: As high as 1000 PSIG depending on operating pressure. Construction would change in keeping with higher burst pressure.
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs typical depending on the type of ports and configuration


Series 20000 2-way valves are widely used in air and fuel vapor systems and are applicable to all commonly used non-corrosive fluids and gases.

Category: Aerospace Solenoid Valves