V14500 2-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve

V14500 2-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve


Series V14500 are direct acting, solenoid shut-off valves with inline porting. They are 2-way valves which seal tight, with flow and/or pressure possible in either direction. The flow path is straight through type rather than circuitous. Series 14500 valves are extremely reliable because their simple construction employs only two moving parts. They are lightweight and compact. Valve shut-off is accomplished by use of Valcor’s “Floating Seal” Principle. This utilizes an optically flat seal disc against an equally flat seat. The gate-type action actually wipes the seat clean with each valve operation and virtually keeps the valve from being affected by contaminants.


  • 2-way Shut-Off
  • Gate-Type Design
  • Floating Seal
  • 1/2” O.D. Line
  • Configurations: Normally Closed, Normally Open
  • Temperature: -65°F to +165°F (Standard Static Seals), -65°F to +450°F (Special Static Seals)
  • Pressure range: 0-1000 PSIG Maximum
  • Proof pressure: 1500 PSIG
  • Burst pressure: 3000 PSIG Minimum
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs (approx.)

Electrical Data

  • Voltage: 18 to 30 VDC
  • Duty: 19 OHM Coil, Continuous or Intermittent, 30 OHM Coil, Continuous (Depends on application, cooling effect of fluid, etc.)
  • Current: At 30 VDC and at 72°F 1.07 amps max., for 19 OHM Coil 1.07 amps max., for 30 OHM Coil
  • Electrical Connector: MS 3102A-10SL-4P is standard. Receptacle location can be on top or side of the solenoid. For other options, contact your Valcor representative


Series V14500 valves are applicable to all commonly used non-corrosive fluids and gases. They are widely used in many current aircraft fuel systems. Military Specifications MIL-F-8615 and MIL-V-8610 are applicable to these valves.

Category: Aircraft Solenoid Valves