Valcor Aircraft specializes in design and manufacturing aircraft solenoid valves and has since expanded into accumulators, check & relief valves, manual/lever valves, and pressure regulators. Valcor is a leading supplier of valves, accumulators, and actuators to the Aerospace Industry..

Valcor Aerospace is a custom designer and manufacturer of precision fluid controls for Aerospace applications. Our products are designed for demanding environmental conditions, as well as high performance (low weight and size, high pressure and flow, low leakage, etc).

Nuclear & Power

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Valcor’s family of nuclear flow control components include an extensive line of solenoid operated valves, flow and pressure regulators, check valves, excess flow check valves, cavitating venturis and plug resistant orifices. Additionally, Valcor has teamed with Hoke, Circle Seal, CU Services and Fox Valve to provide “N” stamped and safety related versions of products formerly supplied to the nuclear market by these companies.

Scientific & Industrial

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Valcor Scientific specializes in solenoid driven fluid control devices. With a library of more than 18,000 designs, the Valcor Scientific design team can modify existing technology to suit practically every hard to handle application…or we will create an entirely new product to meet your most demanding application. Valcor Scientific’s in house manufacturing capabilities range from our CNC machining and turning centers to a fully automated welding area.