Plug Resistant Orifices

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Design Features and Benefits
Custom designed to meet specific operating requirements of the end user
Manufactured under a licensing agreement with our partner CU Services
Interfaced with customer specified end fittings
Designed and manufactured to ASME Section III, Class 1, 2, 3 or customer specified code
Flow testing available to verify operating conditions
Simplifies/reduces process control components


The Plug resistant orifice consists of two component pieces, the body and Plug. The body contains the inlet and outlet connections which can be customized for the end users piping design. The plug strainer holes are sized to the specific flow, temperature and pressure requirements of the application. The Plug is removable after installation and initial flow test to remove any debris, at this point seal welding of the plug is performed.


Plug resistant orifices are installed as gland seal drains, Condensate drains, Steam Generator PORV drains, Main Steam System Drains and other lines where the backup of fluid could result in catastrophic failure. They can be installed in lieu of, or as continuous bypass around a steam trap.

Why Use Plug Resistant Orifices?

Prevents damage from condensate backup in plant components such as:

  • Turbines
  • PORVs
  • Control Valves