What a great way to keep your cool

Valcor Scientific’s new SV99 series combines the best features of over 60 years of cryogenic valve technology utilized in Valcor’s highly successful cryogenic solenoid valves used for commercial, aircraft, and aerospace applications.

Design Applications

  • Environmental test chambers
  • Backup system for biologic freezers
  • Gas chromatography column cooling
  • Theatrical fogging machines
  • Cryogenic cleaning equipment
  • Metal treatment
  • Food processing/preserving
  • ETO sterilization systems

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Introducing the all-new SV99 cryogenic valve

The SV99 features a compact, two-way normally-closed valve designed specifically for exceptionally long service life in LCO2 and LN2 service. The valve uses all TFE sealing components to provide a bubble-tight shutoff, as well as a leak-free pressure boundary seal, even under extended actuation times.


  • Proprietary TFE poppet designed for bubble-tight shut-off
  • Dual Torlon rider rings prolong plunger life
  • LN2-tested for +1 million trouble-free cycles in cryogenic service
  • TFE body seal ensures leak-free service under cryogenic conditions
  • Forged brass body for durability and strength
  • 10 watt coil for low power consumption
  • Continuous duty service at LN2 temperatures
  • Direct acting design with no minimum operating pressure
  • Quiet design for laboratory and clinic environments