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For Nuclear Solenoid Valve Applications





City:         State:       Zip Code:       Country:

Tel #:        Fax #:

Product Manufactured at This Site:       Requested Delivery Date:


1. Type of Valve:   2-Way 3-Way 4-Way     Other:

Design: (globe, gate, etc.)   Seat:  Hard Soft

2. Actuation:  Open/Close Modulating Direct Pilot

De-Energized Position:  Open Closed     Other:

3. Line Size: Inches     Schedule:     Conduit Size:

4. Port Connections:  Socket-Welded Butt-Welded Threaded (NPT)

5. Fluid Composition:

6. Pressure:  Design: psig,    Max.Operating: psig,    Min.Operating: psig

Normal Operating: psig,    Max. DP at shutoff: psi,    Allowable Delta P @ max. flow: psi

7. Fluid Temperature: Design     Maximum:     Normal:     Minimum:

8. Ambient Temperature: Maximum: ,     Normal:     Minimum:

9. Flow Rate: Sizing Flow:    Maximum Flow:    Minimum (valve open) Flow:

10. Allowable Leakage: ,     @ Pressure

11. Codes:  ASME III Class "N" Stamp ANSI Class

12. Qualification:  1E     Seismic Cat.      Active Passive    

Radiation Dose     Plant Location (Containment)  Inside Outside

13. Operating Voltage: DC ,    AC/HZ ,    Normal ,    Maximum   

14. Duty Cycle:  Energized Continuously Energized Intermittently Maximum "On" Time    

15. Materials:  Body: ,    Seat: ,    Seals:

16. Miscellaneous: Position Switch:  2 4 None    NEMA Class:     Coil Class:

17. Selection: Model No. :     Cv:

Special Requirements -- Mounting Orientation, Cleaning, Packing, etc.

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