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1. Normally:   Open Closed        Type of Valve:   2-Way 3-Way 4-Way Diverter

2. Max. Operating Pressure:       PSIG:    Orifice or Cv: 

3. Allowable Pressure Drop:        PSIG at:    flow

4. Flow Requirement: 

5. Ambient Temperature:      Fluid Temperature: 

6. Type of Fluid:      Allowable Internal Leakage: 

7. Power Requirements Voltage:      Amps: 

8. Duty Cycle: Continuous 

Duty Cycle: Intermittent      Max. On Time:     Min. Off Time:  

9. Life Expectancy in Cycles:       Actuation Time: 

10. Receptacle:      Conduit:      Pigtail in Inches: 

11. Port Size and Style: 

12. Is Back Pressure a Factor? 

13. Maximum Weight Requirement 

14. Is valve required to meet any military specs?      Spec No. 

15. Envelope Requirements: 

16. No. Units Required:    Now:        Yearly: 

17. Application:

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